Those Are Regulars!

Those Are Regulars!
Scott Leading the First Brigade

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Battle of Chippewa - Second Session - 1st February 2017

General Comments

It has been awhile since we last got together for Session One. Regrettably, at the last minute Paul M. was unable to make the Second Session. So, yours truly, took over Paul's Porter's Brigade. Fortunately, that sector of the battle was generally static. Most of the action took place between Scott's Brigade and the main element of Riall's Brigade.

Synopsis of Session Two

The following photos represents the end state of Session Two.

In the woods with the Light Brigade on the left facing off with Porter's Brigade on the right. 
The situation was relatively static except for the British Light Companies (left middle) that were facing of with Scott's Brigade.

 The Light Companies on the left with half of the Canadian Militia (in skirmish order) to its right, face off with American 11th Regiment and the recently arrived Towson's six pounder. The lights have steadily attrited the 11th but have now retreated out of canister range while the 11th advances.

 A reverse view of the aforementioned.

The main engagement area with Scott's brigade facing Riall's Brigade and the dreaded 24 pounder to mid right hand side of the photo. 

Not enough depth of focus on this photo. However, Hindman's battery is center foreground facing off with the British 24 pdr on the road (mid photo). Elements of Scott's Brigade are in the farmhouse and the barn.

A view of the Riall's Brigade. The British appear to be well positioned by Steve, complete with two infantry battalions in reserve. No doubt Paul G. is well pleased with the latter.


The British/Canadian Light brigade seems to content to hold their position vis avis Porter's Brigade  so as to wait for their compatriots to catch up to them. The main engagement has commenced. Session Three promises to a be a very bloody affair.

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  1. Looks great Rod! How did it end?

    Regarding Bladenburg Cavalry, I found some images I had taken of 3 sources (one is Lossing's). So that's makes 5 sources that match (including Nafziger). I will add to the post this week. The other two sources are; "The History of Western Maryland", ""

    The Wikipedia Source; Eaton, Captain Hamish Bain. Bladensburg. London: Journal of the Army for Historical Research, Vol 55, 1977, pp. 8–14. (FOR AMERICAN ORDER OF BATTLE ONLY)